Wastewater management

Handling your oily waste
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We have the competence and expertise to take care of wastewater from ships and the offshore industry. This is done with both economic and environmental aspects in mind, where we offer complete services with transportation, handling and disposal.


The maritime industry generates both solid and liquid waste. In Nordic Oily Waste we can assist with all your liquid waste processing needs, and make sure it will be utilized for a sustainable gain or disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.


Sludge is an unavoidable waste and occurs because of ordinary sailing of a vessel. Nordic Oily Waste has the facilities to handle sludge, and provide complete solutions for your company, to make the process as easy for you as possible. We offer some of the most competitive prices on the market, while also keeping a keen eye on the environmental aspects of the process.


Slop occurs when a cargo area of a ship is washed. The water often becomes contaminated and needs treatment- At Nordic Oily Waste we have plants capable of handling slop of many different configurations, and our focus is to help our clients with the best solutions. In this way we can make it both easier and cheaper for you to keep the environmental footprint at a minimum within the heavier industries.

Process water

There are many different types of process water. An example is water from oil drillings, where there will always be smaller or larger amounts of wastewater production resulting from the oil extraction process. We provide a solution for you to get rid of the unwanted waste in an environmentally conscious manner, while still keeping the costs down. If we get an inquiry about a type of process water we can’t handle at our own waste water facility in Grenaa, we will be able to provide an alternative competitive solution within our extensive network in the waste management sector.

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About Nordic Oily Waste

Nordic oily Waste’s treatment facility is located in Grenaa Denmark, where we have the facilities to sustainably handle wastewater from the marine industry; slop and sludge from ships and process water. In our wastewater facility the oil and water are separated, and the oil is, depending on origin and type, sent to appropriate treatment or usage.

We help our clients with transport, handling and disposal of their liquid waste, while also taking care of the paperwork. Behind the company is an experienced team, with a large network within the maritime industry and waste management.

Nordic Oily Waste’s vision is to make the most environmentally friendly solutions while having the most competitive prices on the market as well. Depending on the product composition and the specific requirements we will find the best solution for your company. Don’t hesitate to call or write to us regarding any issues you might have with liquid waste products, and we will be happy to help.